How we work with our clients

We work with our clients to help drive their success by delivering tangible, outcome-based solutions to organisational challenges. These challenge may come from a lack of clear direction, an organisation structure that impedes creativity or efficiency, pressure from the external environment, amalgamations or other major change. With challenges such as these, it’s easy for leaders to get bogged down, lose sight of the big picture or find their employees just aren’t with them anymore. We help by re-engaging employees and getting leaders back to what is important – delivering results and realising outcomes for customers and the community.

A testament to our success is the long lasting relationships we enjoy with our clients, enabling us to become key ongoing partners to their organisation. We bring a solid understanding of their industry sector, organisation, internal relationships and the outcomes they wish to accomplish.

How we provide real benefit for our clients their strategic plans, supported by performance indicators and action plans, to take them to the next level of organisational performance. A strategic plan typically provides a three- to five- year ‘roadmap’ to guide organisational development and help eliminate the chaos that can result from poor planning. We understand the importance of cascading strategic plans down to the operational level and have assisted many clients in developing performance agreements, linked to strategy, with key staff.

Organisational Excellence: our services help drive

efficiency and productivity. We review organisational

and functional effectiveness, look at structure and

job design, assess leadership capability, evaluate how

well policies are serving the organisation, and design

onboarding programs and performance development systems.

• HR Advisory: we offer independent expertise to help navigate the complexities of the employment relationship, providing an efficient and expeditious way to retain and maximise organisational talent. We can provide support and insight into the next key hire through our supported recruitment services; manage issues around performance or team dynamics, and

 an be there to help with day-to-day human resources atters.

• Learning & Development: we assist organisations to maximise the investment they’ve made in their people. Our learning solutions range from leadership skills, team development, recruitment and selection, and HR-knowhow for line managers, to customized training to suit the client’s specific needs.