Complimentary HR Health Check

Find out how you are doing with your people management practices by taking completing our confidential complimentary HR health check. On completion your results will be revealed and then emailed to you.


1. Do all your employees have a current, compliant contract of employment?


2. Do your contracts of employment protect your organisation with clauses such as confidentiality, intellectual property and notice periods?


3. Are your employees receiving the right leave entitlements?


4. Do you have a set of HR policies to manage employment issues and business risks such as use of IT systems, bullying and harassment, disciplinary processes and leave entitlements?


Performance and Culture

5. Do you set clear performance expectations and communicate them effectively?


6. Do you use team meetings to engage and motivate your employees (or are they just boring tick-a-box events)?


7. In the last 12 months, have you invested in team development initiatives?


8. Do you regularly provide training for your staff?


9. Are you managers trained in how to give performance feedback?


10. Have all your employees participated in at least one performance review in the last 12 months?


11. Do you know what your staff turnover is?


12. Do you know why people leave your organisation?


13. Are you confident in managing an employee through a poor performance or misconduct situation?


14. Do you know what your obligations are in relation to dismissal and redundancy?


Recruitment and Induction

15. Have you trained your managers in best practice recruitment techniques?



16. Are your interviews conducted in accordance with equal employment opportunity?


17. Do you have clear position descriptions with the skills identified for the role?


18. Do you inform referees about how you will use the information they give you?


19. Do you have a well-organised induction program in place to welcome your new employee and get them to maximum productivity as quickly as possible?


20. Have you provided your new employee with a Fair Work Information Statement?



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Find out how you are doing with your people management practices by taking completing our confidential free HR health check.